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Pipe Drainage Services in Warners Bay


G & M Searant Plumbing are pleased to provide the Warners Bay area with expert customer service and skilled residential plumbing, pipe drainage, gas fitting and hot water services. Our guarantee means that you will receive the best quality of work and exceptional expertise on every project we work on.


We have been members of the Master Plumbers Association for 25 years and strictly abide by the PCA - which is the Plumbing Code of Australia - as well as following all general Australian building standards.



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We know that pipes clog over time and for a myriad of reasons. But whatever the reason, the plumbing experts at G & M Searant Plumbing can perform any pipe drainage services you need for your sewer, stormwater or outdoor systems.


Indoor pipes commonly clog because of a build-up of hair, soap, toothpaste, food particles or other items. Each sink, toilet, shower or bathtub drain poses a unique set of challenges, but our technicians have the skill and equipment to meet each problem head-on and solve it quickly and cleanly.


Basement, utility room or other floor drains in garages and patios function differently than your normal house drain. These drains have a trap that should be filled with water at all times to prevent odours or sewer gasses from escaping. When dirt or debris cause a clog, call G & M for prompt, reliable drainage repair.


Downspouts and other outdoor drains are important in keeping water away from your home or building and preventing flooding or damage to your foundations. Many outdoor drains connect to the city’s sewer system that runs underground, which means that they are easily clogged by dirt, foliage and other debris. When this happens, you can trust our plumbers to fix the issue properly the first time.


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If you have a pipe drainage issue or just want to make sure your drains are functioning as they should, call G & M Searant Plumbing in Warners Bay on 0418 494 914 for a free service quote or to schedule our prompt plumbing services.

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